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Communication Activities that Connect with Customers on Sight



Exhibition / Brand Implementation 

// Project

How do you communicate the power of connected cars and mobility services in a manner that makes it engaging and relevant in a world where it seems everybody is talking about big data? That was the task presented by WirelessCar, a pioneer in the digital vehicle service sector, to Highway.

// What we did

Together with WirelessCar Highway create engaging communication focusing on key benefits as increased customer safety, loyalty, sustainability and the potential for increased revenue. A message where turning data into insights and services that cater to these benefits, clearly highlights the contribution that WirelessCar brings to its customers. 

Developing and applying this communication strategy in different touchpoints, like fairs, where WirelessCar meets its customers has been a challenging and rewarding journey. Enabling WirelessCar to be the number one partner for its customers around the world.

// Result

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