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Manuals for Communicating & Visualizing a New Retail Concept 



Graphic design / Visual communication  / Translation /  Brand Implementation

// Project

Highway led the creation of four handbooks crucial to the implementation of Toyota's new retail concept. Each book addressing a separate subject; Exterior Signage, Interior Showroom Concept, Workshop Interior, and a catalog consolidating all concept units and updates. Together, these resources offer a comprehensive understanding of the European retailer concept. Tailored to serve as a key internal asset for Toyota. Our team ensured these guides would not only provide clear insights into the fundamentals, including all conceptual details as well as the implementation process, but also simplify the elaborate retail concept for all stakeholders. 

// What we did

The outcome was a set of comprehensive digital guides facilitating a straightforward and organized approach for Toyota's employees and franchisees, ensuring a unified understanding of the concept. The content is easily navigable and understandable without sacrificing attention to detail. The manuals proved instrumental in steering the development of a successful and smooth integration of the new retail concept across Toyota's dealerships. Creating a standardized yet adaptable approach that resonated with the brand's values.

// Result

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