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The Future of Toyota Workshops – Combining Superb Functionality & Aesthetics



Concept development / Brand concept / Graphic Design / Workshop

// Project

The environment in workshops is both demanding, characterized by a high pace and with a strong focus on delivery. In order to create conditions for the staff to thrive, have an attractive working environment, and the equipment they need, Highway together with Toyota developed a completely new concept for Toyota's workshops. The goal was to enable workshop staff to have the right tools and opportunities to deliver on Toyota's promises to their customers. A promise characterized by a very high level of customer satisfaction, fast and high-quality service. To make this possible, a comprehensive understanding of the working environment of the staff, its challenges, but also opportunities, is required. Therefore, we developed a completely new interior together with Toyota and selected suppliers. A series consisting of all the units a workshop needs, such as workbenches, tool cabinets, chemical handling, etc. An interior of very high quality, developed and manufactured in Sweden.

// What we did

The result is a new workshop interior with a very high level of flexibility, ergonomics, and ease of cleanliness. Built on a smart modular system. Where each workshop can customize its interior exactly to specifications. Based on parameters such as the number of workstations, type of function, and conditions regarding the nature of the premises. With separate units for work, storage, wall sections for attachment, etc. As well as integration of air/chemicals, etc. neatly built into the interior, we created an environment with optimal function and at the same time a very appealing aesthetic. Simply put, a concept where form follows function.

// Result

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