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New Visual Identity for a Brand with a Revolutionary Idea



Brand Identity / Visual Identity / Graphic Design / Brand Implementation / Communication Strategy

// Project

Together with Sightic, Highway embarked on the task of modernizing Sightic's visual identity. Sightic specializes in AI-based software that utilizes eye tracking and machine learning for non-intrusive intoxication detection. Our objective was to update Sightic's logo, infusing it with a contemporary flair while preserving its symbolic essence. As well as developing a new color palette, icon library, typography, image bank – including visual tonality. Our approach aimed to harmonize technological precision with a human-centric touch, aligning the branding with Sightic's mission.

// What we did

The result is a visually captivating and coherent brand image for Sightic. The modernized logo effectively bridges the gap between high-tech innovation and a human touch, reaffirming Sightic's dedication to safety and efficiency. The new color palette with a host of new colors as well as a new typeface gives Sightic a rich toolbox for communicating its unique vales. In a way that makes Sightic stand out from its competitors. Together with graphic icons and images the visual appearance elevates the human, transparent and positive approach that Sightic takes to the challenge that they want to address.

// Result

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