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Retail Concept Design & Implementation Across Markets



Graphic design / Showroom / Interior Brand Concept / Customer Experience  / Brand Implementation

// Project

Highway have proudly supported Toyota, the world's largest automaker for more than 25 years. Among other things helping with design, customer experience, production and implementation of their retail concept at dealers in several countries across Europe.


For this retail concept Toyota wished to ensure a smooth and effective transition within the decided time plan. For Sweden that meant implementing the new retail concept at 88 different locations during a four-year period.

// What we did

Our team analyzed the specific needs of the Swedish market and adapted the cross-European retail concept for the Swedish market. Enabling a reduction of costs, enhanced design features as well as greater levels of customer experience in line with Swedish customers’ expectations. All while staying true to the basic ideas of the concept and Toyota's core values. Highway then handled everything from procurement, production control to onsite installation and management at each of the 88 retailers.


By implementing the new retail concept across all Toyota retailers in Sweden every Toyota customer has been given the opportunity to experience the product lineup in an environment worthy of the Toyota brand.

// Result

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