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With its groundbreaking software Sightic wants to change the way we test people for hazardous levels of substances like alcohol and drugs. The method is a non-biased, non-intrusive way of testing individuals on a large scale with high level of accuracy. 


The market with its current offerings tends to focus heavily on the technology behind the solution and not so much on the user and their experience. Therefore, positioning the Sightic’s brand and offering as something else would make it memorable, stand out and make it more acceptable as a solution if we could achieve high levels of trust from the end user.


The result is a communication strategy routed heavily in the brands core values: safety, innovation, integrity and transparency. All communication conveys Sightic as a cutting edge, research-based solution provider that focuses on the people benefiting from the solution. This can be seen and felt in both text and images where we highlight the people in their everyday work situation and how they can feel safe while using the technology that Sightic offers.


/ Brand &

Communication strategy

Pre-study including market research and competitor analysis / Brand strategy / Communication strategy / Brand platform / Communication platform / Copywriting and message recommendation

What we did 

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