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Photography & Storytelling to Inspire Creation of Awesome Lighting Installations



Brand Communication / Photography / Copywriting 

// Project

Signify, a Philips company, and a world leader in lighting with over 35 00 employees, in over 70 different countries. Each year they publish a inspirational coffee table book for the Nordic markets to highlight some of their most captivating lighting projects and installations at customer sights in the Nordic countries. The aim is to inspire lighting designers, contractors, and other customers. To showcase what is possible using the innovative, efficient and highly capable products that Signify offer. For this year’s version of the book Highway was asked to contribute with photography and storytelling for cases from the Swedish market.

// What we did

Together with the excellent photographer Catharina Fyrberg Highway have produced photos and accompanying texts, telling the story about the diversified and high-quality installations at SATS, Tibber, OKQ8, ICA and Prologis. The work can now be seen in the 2024 coffee table book that is being distributed in print and digital form across the Nordic markets. It’s been a true pleasure working closely with Signify on this project. Or as Signify, Channel Marketing Manager, Johanna Strunke put it; “Such nice images!! WOW!! Awesome work!!”

// Result

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