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Communication to Elevate an Industry Leading Initiative



Communication Strategy / Brand Experience / Graphic Design

// Project

Finding the customer centric “Why” in a corporate vision stretching into the future - now that’s a challenge. One that we of course accepted.​ Toyota´s Beyond Zero commitment is perhaps the most ambitious long-term vision among any car maker and mobility service provider. Toyota turned to Highway to create a customer focused campaign highlighting how this vision can have an impact on and benefit everyday users of Toyota´s products and services today.

// What we did

By creating a clear set of “Why:s”, communicating the features that the vision offers buyers and users, Highway together with Toyota Sweden developed and launched an ad campaign targeting the Swedish market. The campaign targeted current owners as well as potential buyers of Toyota cars, to inform them about Toyota’s mission. Boosting a sense of pride among current owners and a feeling of Toyota being a committed and trustworthy brand that is in it for the long run.

With attention to detail and a desire to convey meaningful messages our new brand promise is now easy to grasp” - Patrik Talamo, Customer Experience Specialist, Toyota.

// Result

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