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Interior Concept to Attract Customers & Employees



Brand Implementation / Brand Experience / Corporate Facilities / Brand Interior Concept

// Project

Claesson & Partners is a management consulting firm with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. They consult some of the largest and most well-known companies in Sweden, driving profitability through steering, strategy and analysis. 

Highway was asked to create an office space that would reflect their identity of openness, warmth and extraordinary competence. As well as giving them a flexible office that could meet the future needs of being a successful employer.

// What we did

A flexible office with a lot of heart emerged as a result of this process. Something for the employees and customers to enjoy and draw energy from – every day. A place where you want to spend time, where interaction is natural, well-being is a top priority and where their mission of delivering a greater level of competitiveness to their customers can be realized.

// Result

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