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Brand Concept for a New Office in the Automotive Cluster



Interior Brand Concept /  Brand Experience / Graphic Design / Showroom / Brand Implementation

// Project

Molex, a truly global player and major supplier to the automotive industry, wanted to establish a new office at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Their desire was to create a place that would take customers on a journey through the Molex brand. After Molex saw what Highway had done for other brands with offices at Lindholmen, contact was made, and an initial idea began to take shape. The goal was a dynamic office with various types of workspaces, catering to both local and traveling staff. An area to welcome customers, conduct product demonstrations, and experience the potential and essence of the Molex brand. Additionally, Molex has a clear environmental policy incorporating all parts of the organization, working together for the common good. The environmental aspect has been an important consideration when designing and developing this concept.

// What we did

Molex's operations at Lindholmen in Gothenburg are now characterized by an office that truly conveys their message of “creating connections for life”. It serves as an area for meetings between customers and employees. An office to be inspired by, learn more in, and experience Molex's products, services, and brand. The office has a clear environmental focus thanks to new energy-efficient LED lighting, natural materials, and the use of plants to improve air quality. To further enhance the brand experience we created a series of unique brand artwork which was hung in each office room. This workplace has become an inspiration within the organization, influencing other offices in Europe and globally.

// Result

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