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Exhibition Concept Creating an Immersive Experience



Showroom / Exhibition / Interior Concept / Brand Implementation 

// Project

ESAB a company with a rich history and a world leader in welding and cutting equipment wanted to make a grand return to the large Schweissen & Schneiden fair held in Germany. As a long time creative partner to ESAB, Highway was granted the mission to developed a fair concept that would transcend boards, geographical and digital – creating a truly immersive customer experience.

// What we did

With a 1000 sqm booth the ESAB promise of, making your challenges possible when equipped with ESAB products, was highlighted by creating different focus areas. Areas where each sub brand and its offering could be communicated. True to its respective values and with captivating surroundings that allowed for live product demos, meetings and spontaneous dialogue. A perfect environment for showing of the large number of product launches.

Afterwards the feedback has been immensely positive regarding the design philosophy of the booth, the attention to detail in every touch point, from material selection to communication strategy, as well as how the implementation was carried out.


Or as Niklas Sondell, Director EMEA Market Communication said; “Such a pleasure working with true professionals!


We are equally grateful for the opportunity.

// Result

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