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Communication Initiative for an Electric Future



Brand Experience / Graphic Design / Retail / Showroom

// Project

Lexus’ focus on perfection in every detail is second to none. Therefore, when it came to improving the customer experience and communication of its model range, in showrooms across its European dealership network, Lexus wanted a solution true to its brand expectations. For this mission we at Highway were assigned the task. 

// What we did

Lexus’ model range consists of models with a variety of different powertrains. To highlight the shift to a more electrified future Highway and Lexus Europe worked together on this project to create communication that would promote the models with an electric powertrain in the showroom. True to its electric context, signage with light was designed and developed by Highway to be placed alongside each electrified model. Engaging and guiding the customers to a future which is electric.

// Result

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