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Concept Development & Guidelines for a Unified Global Brand Identity



Brand Strategy / Exhibition / Brand Experience / Event

// Project

Trelleborg is about as global as it gets, with operations all over the world. Such reach comes with a few challenges though. Exhibitions for example is one.

Brand consistency is a top priority for Trelleborg and Highway was asked to support them achieve a unified appearance for their events.

// What we did

Through multiple workshops and creative development, with a team from Highway and Trelleborg we created a strategy and design concept for Trelleborg’s global exhibitions. A strategy and concept that carry the brand no matter the location. In addition to the design concept we assisted Trelleborg in setting up guidelines to manage exhibitions in an efficient and structured manner. Enabling the possibility to measure the results from each event, no matter where in the world it takes place - a truly global and unified solution.

// Result

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