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Customer analysis / Communication strategy / Brand experience / Graphic design / Copywriting /

// Project

Every month, Toyota's over 80 Swedish retailers send out thousands of business proposals to potential buyers of Toyota cars. Highway was tasked with developing the design and communication content for how a new business proposal should look.

Based on Toyota's new graphic profile, we created a template for a new business proposal. Through a thorough process consisting of employee interviews, customer surveys, concept development, design, and digital integration, we, together with Toyota Sweden, have raised the bar for what a business proposal should contain.

// What we did

Toyota now has a completely new business proposal that is in line with the rest of their communication. It lives the brand in every dispatch, to every customer, on every occasion. A business proposal that:

  • Clearly conveys Toyota's brand values

  • Is purposeful and transparent in its communication

  • Clear and straightforward in its structure

  • Digitally integrated with QR codes

  • Inviting to read more

// Result

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