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European Exhibition Concept



Showroom / Exhibition / Interior Concept / Brand Implementation / Customer journey

// Project

An exhibition concept to be used throughout Europe, offering a high degree of flexibility, a clear brand carrier, and the ability to reuse materials. These were the main goals when Highway was give the oppurtunity by ESAB to develop a new exhibition concept for trade shows across Europe. The concept has been used at trade shows in France, Austria, and Sweden, where ESAB staff themselves have been able to assemble and manage the concept.

// What we did

Drawing inspiration from the large trade show we previously designed in Germany for ESAB, we further developed the ideas around ESAB's industrial connection. Using powerful, purposeful and functional materials, we created a concept based on containers to be used for meeting rooms, communication carriers, and storage. Along with a large number of display areas for products, the result was a concept that suits various sizes and types of trade shows. Through expressive communication and material choices, it is unmistakable that ESAB is showcasing its latest world-leading products in welding and cutting. The concept has become really popular within the organization at the locations where it has been used so far – and who knows where it will appear next, considering that the idea behind the concept gives ESAB numerous possibilities.

// Result

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