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Mobile Exhibition Concept for Storytelling



Showroom / Exhibition / Interior Brand Concept

// Project

The future of mobility is undergoing perhaps its biggest change in decades. What are the future needs for mobility? Should you own your own car, share it with others, or perhaps your need for a car is limited living in an urban environment? No matter what the answers are to these questions one thing is for certain, there will not only be traditional single ownership of cars in the future, the marketplace will be diverse.

In response to this changing market Toyota has launched the brand Kinto. A brand focusing on mobility services for today's and tomorrow's changing needs.


To highlight these services and the launch of the Kinto brand in Sweden, Highway was tasked with creating a clear customer touch point where people could experience, learn more and even try the different Kinto services on site at different locations around Sweden.

// What we did

From this the Kinto cube was born. Offering areas of brand exposure, storytelling and being a focal point for the brand's physical communication. A place for experience, that could be installed and moved to different venues and sights with ease, always projecting the brand and offering that Kinto wants to convey.

// Result

Konto experience
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